Best Washing Machines 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

The washing machine is the silent workhorse of the household keeping your clothes, bedding, towels and all your other laundry clean and fresh.

Your washing machine is a major appliance investments you have to make, so it pays to take some time to research and find the best washing machine for your needs before you buy.

We have done all the running around and research for you and brought together the top washing machines for every situation and budget, making the buying process fast and easy.

Best Washing Machines 2017

Front loaders, top loaders, twin tub, combos, there are plenty of different types of washing machines and it can get quite confusing.

If you are not sure which type suits you check out our Best washing machine buyers guide help you decide.

If you are unsure about certain features or terms please refer to the glossary at the end of the article or click here to go there.

We have compiled a list below for anyone who needs to quickly find the Best washing machine.

Haier PulsatorCompact
Top Load
1 cu ft214 KWh
Kenmore EliteLarge Capacity
Top Load
6.2 cu ft290 KWh
Kenmore Top LoadBudget
Top Load
4.2 cu ft238 KWh
LG Ventless ComboCombo Washer Dryer
Front Load
4.2 cu ft125 KWh
Maytag Maxima XLWasher Dryer Pair
Front Load
4.3 cu ft
7.4 cu ft
125 KWh
560 KWh
GE SpacemakerTop Load Washer
Front Load Dryer
3.3 cu ft
5.9 cu ft
138 KWh
398 KWh
Kenmore SmartFront Load5.2 cu ft170 KWh
Giantex MiniTop Load
Twin Tub
1.8 cu ft
1 cu ft
96 KWh
Fisher & Paykel WashSmartTop Load3.9 cu ft147 KWh
Pyle Portable WasherTop Load0.7 cu ft58 KWh

1. Haier Pulsator Washer – Best Compact Washer

Portable compact washers have recently become much more popular with the tiny home movement, giving you the freedom of setting it up wherever you need and once done with your washing you can neatly store it away out of sight.

For people who need the convenience of a compact washer or don’t have much laundry to do throughout the week the Haier Pulsator is perfect for the job.

Haier is a subsidiary of Fisher and Paykel which has been around in the washing machine game for a long time. This means you are getting the quality and technology of a worldwide renowned brand in a cheaper washer without sacrificing quality.

The only washing machine on our list that comes with caster wheels making it easier to maneuver around and for ease of storage in smaller spaces, but remember to balance the washing machine properly or you might find the washing load will not be distributed properly causing excessive vibrations.

The Haier Pulsator is the best washing machine for anyone who doesn’t have the room for a full size washing machine. Such as those in apartments, camper trailers or small homes where standard clothes washer plumbing and drainage is unavailable.

If you live in apartments with a communal laundry room or hate taking that trip downstairs and waiting while your other neighbours complete their washing, The Haier Pulsator washer is the best solution for you.

With only a small 1 cu ft capacity and maximum load weight of 6.6 pounds means for larger families more laundry loads will have to be run to get all the laundry done compared to a larger capacity washing machine.
The Haier is perfect for consumers who need a space saving design that is portable and easy to use. Recommended for users who live in apartments or other household who do not have hook ups for a regular washing machine or don’t want to make that weekly trip to the laundromat.

For an inexpensive compact washing machine the Haier Pulsator still comes with useful automatic features including.

  • Electronic control panel
  • 3 wash cycles – Quick, Heavy and Spin Only
  • 3 water levels
  • End of cycle and cycle status LED’s
  • Low operation noise level
  • Rolling castors
  • Stainless Steel Tub

A great feature of the Haier Pulsator due to its simplicity is that you can simply hook up the water inlet from your faucet or even manually fill the tub with water. The drainage hose can easily just be placed into the drain pipe in any sink in the house.

  • Type – Top Loader
  • Model number – HLP21N
  • Dimensions – 36 H x 23.2 W x 23.2 D inches / 92 H x 59 W x 59 D cm
  • Weight – 43 pounds / 19.5 kgs
  • Capacity – 1 cu ft / 7.4 gal / 28 litres / ~ 6.6 pounds
  • Energy Consumption – 214 KW hours per year
  • Max Spin Speed – 700 rpm
  • Colors Available – White
  • Warranty – 1 year

Users have reported that using detergent pods such as Tide Pods(amz)  have yielded the best results in wash performance, that’s not to say you can’t use regular powder or liquid detergent however please use low suds detergent to prevent excessive suds.

Also the convenience of simply wheeling the washer out from storage, setting up and usage is easy and simple. The build quality is sturdy for an inexpensive washer.

No agitator means the Haier Pulsator is much gentler on your clothes.

When using the spin cycle there is an extra step, you must place an included plastic cover over the tub to prevent water from splashing out of the washing machine.

  • Space saving portable design with castor wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Quiet design for a top loader means when you run the washing machine it won’t sound like a jet fighter taking off in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Fantastic wash performance for a cheap portable washing machine and fast enough spin speed of 700 rpm removing more moisture from your clothes making drying times faster.
  • If you have a lot of laundry to do you will have to do more loads as the Haier Pulsator has a small 1 cu ft capacity.
  • No remaining time display.
  • No detergent tray.

2. Kenmore Elite – Large Capacity Washer

With a massive 6.2 cu ft capacity the Kenmore Elite washing machine will handle the largest of laundry tasks. You can spend less time washing and more time enjoying activities you would rather be doing.

As a High Efficiency washer the Kenmore Elite gives you optimum cleaning performance for your larger washing loads, while at the same time consuming less water and energy than a traditional top loader washing machine of the same capacity.

With no agitator the Kenmore Elite uses an impeller design leaving more room to fit all your clothes in the stainless steel tub.

The Kenmore Elite has a quad action impeller and 4 different wash actions to help remove the toughest stains. Flex finish will push your laundry up from the bottom of the tub, 9 various sprays, impeller design and wash basket actions giving you a faster and more efficient wash.

Providing all the benefits of a center agitator, moving and tumbling all your laundry, but at the same time the impeller is much gentler increasing the life of your clothes.

At 6.2 cu ft with one of the industries largest capacities you can fit up to 32 standard size towels or an enourmous 4 laundry baskets worth of laundry. King sized comforters, jeans or all your bedding are guaranteed to fit into one load.

Not only will you be able to wash larger loads but with the Deep Fill option allowing you to add more water optimizing and providing a better wash to your laundry.

With the larger tub of the Kenmore Elite it may be harder to reach down and grab the last bits of laundry at the bottom of the tub.

Fast wash times are generally not what you would expect with a large capacity washer. With Kenmores Accela Wash technology, combining dual spray nozzles delivering concentrated detergent directly onto your laundry and active rinse – high pressure nozzles spraying fine mists of water through your laundry during the spin cycle means you can complete your laundry in as little as 29 minutes.

Available in both white and stainless steel finish allowing you to match your washer with your other appliances. Also available is the matching Kenmore Electric (61633) or Gas Dryer(71633).

Additional features of the Kenmore include Sanitize with Oxi, helping remove pollen and other allergens from your laundry. Cold Clean giving you the option of using cold water on more delicate clothes and a Clean Washer cycle to help maintain your washer keeping it clean and odour free.

The Kenmore elite is one of the largest capacity washing machine available while at the same time being a HE washer saving you money in on going running costs.

Perfect for larger families who want to save time and cut down on the number of wash loads needed to clean their laundry.  

In the case of the Kenmore Elite bigger is better.


As the largest capacity washing machine on our list the Kenmore elite has 8 different wash cycles and many other options allowing you to customize your wash cycles to better suit the type of laundry you are washing.

  • 8 wash cycles including – Normal, Bedding, Heavy Duty, Whites, Sanitize, Cold Clean, Delicates, Express, Rinse & Spin and Clean Washer
  • 5 Different levels of adjustability with Wash Temp, Soil Level and Spin Speed.
  • Additional cycle options include – Accela-wash, Deep Fill, Steam Treat, TimedOxi, Two Rinses and Fabric Softener.
  • Delay wash and Cycle status light with estimated time remaining display
  • End of Cycle Signals with 5 adjustable levels from Off to High.
  • Automatic load size sensing allows the washer to fill with the right amount of water for your wash.
  • Lid lock preventing the opening of the lid while the washer is completing its cycle.
  • Adjustable legs

The Impeller design on the Kenmore elite is in a class of its own, giving all the benefits of a center agitator while preserving your clothes.

  • Type – Top Loader
  • Model number – 31632
  • Dimensions – 45 H x 29.5 W x 30 D inches / 114.3 H x 75 W x 76.2 D cm
  • Weight – 187 pounds / 85 kgs
  • Capacity – 6.2 cu ft / 46 gal / 175 litres / ~ 41 pounds
  • Energy Consumption – 290 KW hours per year
  • Max Spin Speed – 950 rpm
  • Colors Available – White / Stainless Steel
  • Warranty – 1 year

When using the delay timer only use HE liquid detergent in the detergent tray. Powdered detergents may clump up from absorbing moisture from previous wash cycles.

  • Huge 6.2 cu ft wash capacity allowing you to wash the largest loads in less cycles saving time and money
  • Impeller design is gentler on your clothes
  • Steam and sanitize cycle functions removing more allergens from your laundry.
  • Amazing price for wash capacity ratio.
  • High Efficiency design saving you more money on running costs
  • No Fill Hoses included
  • Sometimes hard to reach the bottom of the wash tub to grab the last laundry out.

3. Kenmore Top Load – Budget Full Size Washer

Even if you’re on a budget it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on features, quality or capacity. Our Budget washer pick is also a High Efficiency model saving you in ongoing running costs.

With a large 4.2 cu ft capacity you can fit all your laundry in less loads. With the stainless steel wash tub for durability resisting chips, dents and corrosion the Kenmore Top Load Wash is built to last.

You get 12 different wash cycles including a Delicates, Bedding, Heavy Duty Cycles and with the and Express Wash Cycle you are able to quickly wash any load size fast and easy.

For a budget washer the Kenmore 4.2 cu ft washer also has a Clean Washer cycle to help keep your washer odour free making sure your laundry comes out smelling fresh.

With water level adjustability in the Kenmore washing machine being able to adjust the level is an important feature with certain types of clothes and stains to aid in removing those stubborn stains.

The Kenmore has an Automatic water level option and when you need to add more water just turn the knob to Deep Fill until enough water has precisely fill the tub.

5 status lights show the current stage of your washing in the cycle. The Kenmore also has a lid lock function to prevent opening during the wash cycle.

You can also select 4 different soil levels from Extra Light to Heavy and 5 different water temperatures allowing you greater control to fine tune your cycle to leave your clothes clean wash after wash.

The older style Design Control Panel of the Kenmore 4.2 cu ft Top Load washing machine may not appeal to some buyers.

However for consumers who are not tech savvy the Kenmore 4.2 cu ft can be a much simpler washer to operate than other digital multi option washing machines that may require a college degree to use.

The Kenmore 4.2 cu ft offers great bank for buck performance in a traditional top load design washing machine.  With its fully automatic features you are sure to get great wash performance for years to come without breaking the bank.

Also available is the matching Kenmore Electric or Gas dryer available in white.


For a budget washing machine Kenmore 4.2 cu ft Top Load washer comes with many features found in more expensive washing machines.

  • 12 Wash cycles – Soak, Jeans/Towels, Whites, Bedding, Heavy Duty, Normal, Casual, Delicates, Express, Rinse & Spin, Drain & Spin and Clean Washer.
  • 4 Soil Levels – Extra Light, Light, Medium and Heavy.
  • 5 Wash Temperatures – Cold, Cold Darks, Cold Lights, Warm and Hot.
  • Auto water level sensor allows the Kenmore to fill with the correct amount of water needed
  • Deep Fill option allowing you to increase the amount of water in the tub to your desired level manually
  • 4 Rinse options – One Rinse, Two Rinse, One Rinse with Fabric Softner and Two Rinses with Fabric Softner.
  • 5 status LED’s to indicate what stage your washing is at
  • Lid Lock with LED status light
  • High Efficiency washing machine.
  • Type – Top Loader
  • Model number – 22352
  • Dimensions – 43 H x 27.5 W x 28 D inches / 109 H x 70 W x 71 D cm
  • Weight – 134 pounds / 61 kgs
  • Capacity – 4.2 cu ft / 31 gal / 119 litres / ~ 27 pounds
  • Energy Consumption – 238 KW hours per year
  • Max Spin Speed – 770 rpm
  • Colors Available – White
  • Warranty – 1 year

Remember to distribute your clothes around the wash tub correctly and not to pack them too tight. Otherwise the agitator design could tangle your clothes.

Only use High Efficiency detergent

  • Amazing value for size and features
  • High Efficiency washer
  • Simple rotary control panel for easy operation and cycle selection.
  • Stainless steel bowl for increased durability and longevity
  • Fabric softener dispenser
  • Deep Fill option allowing precise water level adjustment
  • Clean Washer Cycle
  • Auto sensing water level
  • No digital display timer showing wash time remaining
  • Agitator design wash tub reducing the wash capacity for the same physical size impeller designed top load washing machine.
  • Older style design control panel

4. LG 2 in 1 Washer Dryer – Best Combo Washer


When space is tight and you only have room for a washer but need a dryer too. A washer dryer combo combines both in a space saving single unit for small apartments and households while still having a large capacity for those larger items.

LG’s TurboWash solves one of the most common problems with washer dryer combo’s, longer wash times. TurboWash saves on average 20 minutes on each cycle by utilizing powerful water spray nozzles reducing wash time without cutting wash performance.

The Steam feature of LG’s Washer dryer combo is fantastic at eliminating dust, odors and reducing wrinkles in your clothes while removing stubborn dirt and stains.

The Direct Drive motor of the LG combo washer dryer implements advanced wash motions and when combined with LG’s ColdWash technology allows you to wash using only cold water while still obtaining the same wash performance as warm water while saving you money in ongoing costs and increasing the life of your clothes.

Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), LG’s Allergeine Cycle eliminates up to 95% of the most common everyday allergens such as dust mites, pollen and pet dander.
The feature packed LG Combo Washer does take some time to learn how to use and to work out the best settings for your laundry to obtain the best clean possible.

As one of the more expensive washers on our list the NeveRust Stainless Steel drum and TrueBalance Anti-Vibration system ensures the combo washer dryer will reduce noise and ensure your investment will last wash after wash.

Not to forget about the dryer, LG have implement a Ventless Condenser dryer reducing humidity by condensing the hot air into water with the heat exchanger reducing the amount of moisture pumped out into your laundry.

With one of the best warranties and support available, feature packed with amazing cold wash performance, Steam functions, a quiet Direct Drive Motor and a ventless dryer giving the best cleaning performance in one space saving unit.

The LG washer combo is a fantastic machine for those who need both a washer and dryer and is great value for money.


The LG Combo Washer Dryer is packed with features representing great value for money for those people who have limited space but need all the features.

  • 12 cycles to choose from – Normal, Heavy Duty, Bulky, Bright Whites, Sanitary, Allergines, Tub Clean, Towels, Perm. Press ,Wools, Delicates, Speed Wash, Small Load and Drain & Spin.
  • 5 wash temps – Tap cold, Cold, Warm, Hot and Extra Hot
  • 5 spin speed settings – No Spin, Low, Medium, High and Extra High
  • 5 Soil Levels
  • Delay timer up to 19 hours
  • 5 Dry settings with moisture level sensor – Manual (30, 60, 90, 120 mins), Low Temp, Damp, Normal and More Dry.
  • Add Garments lets you stop the cycle and add more clothes.
  • Auto water level sensor with the addition of Water Plus gives you the option to add more water as required.
  • Electronic control panel with an easy to read LED display with remaining time and cycle status.
  • Ventless Condenser Dryer
  • You Can set the cycle to automatically dry clothes after the wash cycle is complete.
  • LowDecible quiet operation.
  • Type – Front Loader Combo
  • Model number – WM3997HWA
  • Dimensions – 39 H x 27 W x 30 D inches / 109 H x 70 W x 71 D cm
  • Weight – 205 pounds / 61 kgs
  • Capacity – 4.3 cu ft / 32 gal / 121 litres / ~ 28 pounds
  • Energy Consumption – 125 KW hours per year
  • Dryer type – Electric
  • Max Spin Speed – 1300 rpm
  • Colors Available – White
  • Warranty – 1 year comprehensive / 10 years on the Direct Drive Motor and Stainless Steel Drum

With it’s futuristic design and simple cycle selection the LG combo Washer Dryer is the answer for those who want all the bells and whistles in a single unit.

Please allow time to read the manual on all the wash functions to be able to get the best wash possible.

Ensure you do a tub clean once a month to prevent odors and mould.

With the internal water heater you only need a cold water tap connection.

  • Fantastic features in a compact washer dryer combo for those with limited space.
  • Wash and dry your clothes in one cycle great for busy families.
  • Steam and Allegern cycles for those that are more sensitive
  • 10 year warranty on the Direct Drive Motor and Stainless Steel drum.
  • Only require a cold water connection.
  • Quiet operation with LG’s TrueBalance Anti-Vibration system.
  • Expensive, requires a bigger investment up front
  • Dryer may not have your clothes cupboard dry due to the design of a combo washer dryer
  • Requires slightly more frequent cleaning to ensure your washer is mould and odor free.

5. Maytag Maxima XL – Washer Dryer Set

If you take your washing seriously and need a large wash and dry capacity the 4 piece MayTag Maxima XL with pedestals is the washer dryer set for you and your large family.

Giving a double dose of Steam technology in both the Washer and Dryer unit helping to reduce dust, odors and allergens in the wash cycle and reduce wrinkles in the dry cycle.

The Optimal Dose Dispenser on the MayTag Maxima XL washer allows you to store enough detergent for up to 12 washes. The washer dispenses the right amount of detergent for each load leaving the guesswork out.

With the Steam Refresh cycle of the MayTag Maxima XL dryer there is no need to re wash clothes that only need to have wrinkles and odors removed. Simply place your clothes in the dryer and select Steam Refresh to have your clothes wrinkle free and fresh ready to wear.

With an award winning industry wash performance whether you use the PowerWash cycle for added stain removing power in warm water or the Cold Wash cycle to save energy your clothes will get the best cleaning possible.

The Rapid Dry cycle lets you dry those important outfits whether for work or play quickly and easy to have you out the door on time.

The easy to use control panel allows you to choose the right cycles and settings that is gentle on your clothes but cleans and dries to industry award winning specifications.

Ensuring the best wash performance in the industry with a large wash and dry capacity perfect for the larger families who mean business when it comes to doing the laundry.

The beautiful finished stainless steel, feature packed, award winning MayTag Maxima XL is the closest to the build quality of a commercial unit you can get without the price tag.


Packed with features the MayTag Maxima XL pair is great value for money for those large families who want to tackle their laundry head on.

Included matching pedestal stands for both the washer and dryer.


  • 11 Wash cycles – Normal, PowerWash, Overnight Wash and Dry, Allergen, Sanitize, Drain & Spin, Clean Washer, Bedding, Delicates, Wrinkle Control and Cold Wash
  • 3 Level Water Hardness options – Soft, Normal and Hard
  • 3 Water Temp settings – Cold Warm and Extra Hot
  • 3 Soil Levels – Light, Medium and Extra Heavy.
  • 3 Spin Speeds – Off, Medium and Max Extract.
  • LED display with remaining time
  • Optimal Dose Detergent Dispenser holding up to 12 loads worth of washing detergent.
  • Direct Drive Motor.


  • 9 Dry Cycles – Normal, Power Dry, Bedding, Sanitize, Steam Refresh, Rapid Dry, Timed Dry, Delicates and Wrinkle Control.
  • 5 temperature settings – Air Only, Extra Low, Low, Medium and High.
  • 3 automatic dryness levels – Less, Normal and More.
  • Wrinkle prevent with or without Steam
  • Energy Saver cycle
  • Dryer sensor for automatic dryness level detection.
  • Powder Coated Drum
  • LED display with remaining time
  • Reversible door on the dryer


  • Type – Front Loader
  • Model number – MHW7000AG
  • Dimensions – 38 H x 27 W x 33 D inches / 96.5 H x 68.5 W x 84 D cm
  • Weight – 255 pounds / 116 kgs
  • Capacity – 4.3 cu ft / 32 gal / 121 litres / ~ 28 pounds
  • Energy Consumption – 125 KW hours per year
  • Max Spin Speed – 1400 rpm
  • Colors Available – Stainless Steel
  • Warranty – 1 year comprehensive / 10 years parts on the Direct Drive Motor and Stainless Steel Drum


  • Type – Electric
  • Model number – MED7000AG
  • Dimensions – 38 H x 27 W x 31 D inches / 96.5 H x 68.5 W x 79 D cm
  • Weight – 157 pounds / 71 kgs
  • Capacity – 7.4 cu ft
  • Energy Consumption – 560 KW hours per year
  • Colors Available – Stainless Steel
  • Warranty – 1 year

With it’s futuristic design and simple cycle selection the LG combo Washer Dryer is the answer for those who want all the bells and whistles in a single unit.

The dryer requires a 220v outlet and wiring by a professional electrician.

  • Optimal Dose dispenser can hold up to 12 loads of detergent
  • Steam options in both the washer and dryer
  • Beautifully designed finished ins stainless steel with pedestals will have you showing off your washer dry set.
  • 10 year parts warranty on the washer and dryer motor and tubs.
  • USA built commercial quality
  • Amazing wash performance with hot or cold water.
  • Steam refresh cycle on washer lets you quickly reduce wrinkles and remove odors without washing
  • Direct Drive Motor for quiet operation.
  • Dryer requires professional 220v installation
  • No hoses included

6. GE Spacemaker – Unitized Washer


When space is an issue but you want a washer and dryer combo the GE Spacemaker may be the perfect solution for you.

With its superior performance and the ability to both wash and dry your laundry at the same time in a space saving, top loader / stacked dryer combo design.

Featuring an auto load sensing system and 5 water levels the GE Spacemaker will input the correct amount of water into the washer to match your laundry load size, saving on water and money.

With a 3.3 cu ft wash capacity and a 5.9 cu ft drying capacity allows you to wash your laundry in the minimum amount of loads as possible.

There are 11 different wash cycles to handle various types of fabrics and 4 drying cycles allows you to customize each load for the best possible clean.

Cycle status lights on the front control panel makes it easy to see at a glance what stage your laundry is at.

The dryer features a moisture level sensor preventing your cloths from over drying thus preventing your cloths from getting damaged and saving you energy.
The GE spacesaver utilized a one piece plastic agitator to distribute your clothes throughout the tub which can cause your clothes to tangle.
The GE Spacesaver Washer Dryer is a popular, compact high performing combo able to tackle any laundry load with ease. With its traditional design and easy to use control knobs even the least tech savvy users can operate the washer and dryer combo.

With all the features of a washer and dryer in one space saving design the GE Unitized washer dryer comes with many features.

  • 11 wash cycles – Spin Only, Quick Rinse, Light Delicates, Normal Delicates, Normal Cycle, Light Cycle, Heavy Cycle, Light Cottons, Normal Cottons, Heavy Cottons and Extra Heavy Cottons.
  • Auto sensing load size or manually select – Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large load size.
  • 6 different temperature selections – Tap cold, Cold, Cool, Colors, Warm and Hot.
  • 4 LEDS to indicate wash status
  • Lid lock with indicator LED
  • 4 Dryer settings – Easy Care, Timed Dry, Delicates and Cottons
  • Moisture sensor for automatic Drying Cycles

With it’s futuristic design and simple cycle selection the LG combo Washer Dryer is the answer for those who want all the bells and whistles in a single unit.

  • Type – Top Loader / Dryer combo
  • Model number – GUD27ESSJWW
  • Dimensions – 75.5 H x 27 W x 30.9 D inches / 191 H x 69 W x 78.5 D cm
  • Weight – 241 pounds / 109 kgs
  • Wash Capacity – 3.3 cu ft / 24 gal / 93.5 litres / ~ 20 pounds
  • Dryer Capacity – 5.9 cu ft
  • Dryer Type – Electric
  • Energy Consumption- 138 KW hours per year
  • Max Spin Speed – 670 rpm
  • Colors Available – White
  • Warranty – 1 year

Installation of GE’s washer dryer combo must be made by an electrician. It requires a 240v outlet to be able to run the washer and dryer together.

Make sure to install a vent kit to vent the dryer properly. Refer to the manual for vent installation.

Run an empty load with hot water and bleach to clean out any leftover manufacturing residue in the the washer.

  • Great space saving design
  • Can wash and dry your laundry at the same time
  • Amazing washing and drying performance
  • Easy to use rotary washer and dryer controls
  • Auto load sensing system
  • Moisture level sensing dryer
  • Needs to be professionally installed if no 240v power socket is available
  • Some user reported that the unit isn’t the quiets one available
  • Washer tub made from plastic which is less durable than other stainless steel designs

7. Kenmore Smart Washer – Latest Technology

With the latest technology the feature packed Kenmore Smart washer is a perfect addition to your modern smart home. You can easily see the status of you washing and receive maintenance alerts from your smartphone or tablet.  

Accela Wash Technology will let you wash any load size in as little as 29 minutes with Active Spray and Active Rinse technology without sacrificing performance and wash quality.

Cold Clean cycle allows you to get the same wash performance in cold water while extending the life of your clothes as cold water is gentler on your laundry.

The Kenmore Smart washer is compatible with Alexa allowing you to control and hear the status of your washer with the use of voice commands.

A massive 5.2 cu ft tub size allows you to wash up to 28 extra large towels in a single wash allowing you to clean the largest items including King Sized Comforters. Combined with the Kenmore smart app now your laundry will fit around your schedule not the other way around.

Steam Treat allows your clothes to get a deeper clean while sanitizing your washing removing common allergens and at the same time reducing wrinkles.

The Kenmore Smart Washer is the smartest washer on the market short of loading your washing by itself. You are able to view a control the washer with the smart app or Alexa wherever you are.

Packed with all the wash features that a top end washer needs from Steam Technology, Fast wash cycles and a large capacity the Kenmore Smart Washer is for large families who want to spend less time washing and the ability to view and control your washer anywhere you are.


Being the smartest washer on our list the Kenmore Smart washer has an array of features with the unique ability to monitor and conrtrol your washer from your smart phone or through voice controls with Alexa.

  • 14 Cycles to choose from – Normal, Heavy Duty, Whitest Whites, Bulky, Comforter, Kids Wear, Rugged, Sanitize, Workout Wear, Delicates, Express Wash, Cold Clean, Rinse & Spin and My Cycle.
  • My Cycle – Paired with the Kenmore Smart App you can have a customized wash cycle for that perfect wash.
  • 5 Wash Temperatures – Tap Cold, Cold, Warm, Hot and Extra Hot.
  • 5 Spin Speeds – No Spin, Low, Medium, High and Extra High.
  • 5 Soil Levels – Light, Medium Light, Medium, Medium Heavy and Heavy.
  • Accela Wash and Steam Treat.
  • Add garments button – allows you to stop the wash cycle and add more laundry.
  • Stay Fresh – Allows you to activate function remotely or before the wash cycle has started to tumble your clothes for up to 19 hours once the cycle is finished, keeping them fresh.
  • Smart app – lets you control and monitor your washing machine and receive alerts when cycles are done or maintenance is needed.
  • Alexa voice control – Control and receive updates with your voice using Alexa
  • Stainless Steel Tub.
  • LED display panel with remaining time.
  • Type – Front Load
  • Model number – 41983
  • Dimensions – 40.75 H x 30 W x 33 D inches / 103.5 H x 76.2 W x 84 D cm
  • Weight – 227 pounds / 103 kgs
  • Wash Capacity – 5.2 cu ft / 38 gal / 144 litres / ~ 32 pounds
  • Energy Consumption- 170 KW hours per year
  • Max Spin Speed – 1300 rpm
  • Colors Available – Metallic Silver / White
  • Warranty – 1 year

You need to download the Kenmore Smart Washer app from the iTunes store or the Google Play Store LINK

Also the Kenmore Smart Washer needs to be connected to your local wifi network to be able to use the smart app.

The Kenmore Smart washer is also available in white here

  • Ability to monitor and control the washer via a smartphone app or voice controlled with Alexa
  • Massive wash capacity of 5.2 cu ft
  • Accela Wash technology allows you to get the same wash quality in less time
  • Steam Treat removing common allergens and reducing wrinkles
  • Superior wash performance even with cold water
  • Customized cycle option via the smartphone app
  • High Efficiency washer saving you money in ongoing costs
  • Expensive considering you can get a washer dryer pair for a similar price

8. Giantex Mini Compact – Twin Tub Washer

Giantex Twin Tub

An ideal choice of washing machine when a full size washing machine will not fit. The Giantex Compact Twin Tub Washer allows you to wash and spin dry your laundry at the same time. At a light weight 30 pounds makes moving the washer a breeze.

Being able to fill the wash tub manually with water from a faucet or bucket gives you precise control of the water level and freedom to install the washer in the most convenient location in your home.

With a Quick 15 minute wash time and 5 minute spin time will have your dirty laundry clean in no time. For a space saving design the Giantex Twin Tub washer offers a generous rated wash capacity of 11 lbs and a spin capacity of 6.6 lbs.

The transparent lids allow you to monitor your laundry as the cycle is running. Manufactured in a traditional white finish the Giantex Twin Tub washer won’t look out of place anywhere you install it.

The Twin Tub Giantex is a perfect entry level washing machine for individuals, couples or small families who are on a budget and require a simple space saving design.
With no drain pump you will have to manually gravity drain the water out of the washing machine into the floor drain in the bathroom, into your bath tub or into a bucket.
The Giantex Twin Tub washer is the best solution for anyone who hates going to the laundromat and are looking for a solution to hand washing your clothes in between trips. With the Giantex Twin Tub washer trips to the laundromat will become a distant memory.

If you are looking for a twin tub designed washer with a drain pump than the Della Twin Tub Washer may better suit your needs. With a built in water drain pump to automatically drain water from the washer into a sink or bucket for disposal.


The simple controls of the Giantex Twin Tub Washer make it a great solution for those who just simply want to wash their clothes and are on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice wash performance.

  • 15 minute wash timer with unlimited adjustability between 0 and 15 minutes
  • 5 minute spin timer with unlimited adjustability between 0 and 5 minutes
  • Transparent lid design so you can see the progress of your laundry
  • High power for size 300w wash motor and 110w spin motor for those larger and heavy loads.
  • Fast 1300 rpm spin speed for removing excess moisture.
  • Type – Top Load / Twin Tub – separate wash and spin tub
  • Model number – EP21684
  • Dimensions – 28.35 H x 24.8 W x 14 D inches / 72 H x 63 W x 35.5 D cm
  • Weight – 30 pounds / 13.5 kgs
  • Capacity – 1.8 cu ft wash 1 cu ft spin / 13.3 gal / 50 litres wash / 7.4 gal / 28 litres spin / ~ 16.6 pounds (11 lbs wash / 6.6 lbs spin)
  • Energy Consumption – 96 KW hours per year
  • Max Spin Speed – 1300 rpm
  • Colors Available – White
  • Warranty – 1 year

You must manually fill the washing tub with water and there is no auto water level sensor. Make sure to watch the level and stop the water once your desired water level is reached or the washer may over fill.

  • Portable Space Saving Design
  • Large Wash Capacity for price
  • Great wash performance for a budget compact washing machine
  • 1300 rpm spin speed reducing the moisture in your laundry leading to a faster dry time
  • Easy and precise 3 dial control panel with a fast 15 minute wash and 5 minute spin cycle time.
  • No auto water level sensor – You must manually fill the machine with water and observe the level so as not to overfill with water.
  • Gravity drain system there is no water drain pump to automatically pump out the used water from the washing machine.

9. Fisher and Paykel WashSmart – Eco High Efficiency Washer

If you’re looking for an High Efficiency washer then Fisher & Paykel WashSmart is an economical water and energy saving washing machine with a modern design.

A durable washer with a stainless steel bowl, metal lid and a formed metal cabinet for strength the Fisher & Paykel WashSmart was built to take a beating.

Featuring a fast 1100rpm spin speed the Fisher and Paykel WashSmart will reduce the moisture in your clothes and speed up drying time.

With a 3.9 cu ft tub size allowing you to wash bulky items such as comforters up to 22 lbs in capacity. The automatic water sensor makes the washer extremely efficient with any size load you can throw at it.

The Fisher & Paykel features a SmartDrive motor design that can sense each load and fill the correct amount of water.

By using a simple direct-drive motor with less moving parts which increases the durability of the washer and at the same time reducing noise and vibrations.

With a hybrid designed center agitator featuring flexible fins that are gentle on your clothes while still moving them enough to offer superior wash performance.

A beautifully designed front control panel will have you showing off your new washer to your friends and family. Featuring SmartTouch controls you can easily select each function and option at a glance.

Eco-Active wash re-circulates detergent and water throughout your laundry in a waterfall fall like style. This increases soil removal from your clothes while at the same time saving water and energy.

A beautifully designed washer with Eco friendly functions will have your clothes come out clean after every wash while at the same time saving you time and money.

Advanced features such as WashSmart and Eco-Active wash combined with SmartDrive technology will have your laundry done efficiently with the best performance possible.

The Fisher and Paykel WashSmart wash is for families who want to save money in  running costs but want a beautifully designed washing machine with the latest features.


With class leading design and features in a top load design you can rest assure your washing is cleaned in the most efficient and economical way without sacrificing performance.

  • 6 wash cycles – Regular, Heavy, Delicate, Easy Iron, Allergy and Quick
  • Automatic water level and manual water level adjustment – Auto, High, Medium, Low and half adjustments
  • Water temp selections – Cold, Warm and hot as well as half adjustments in between.
  • 3 spin speeds – Fast (1100 rpm), Medium (670 rpm), Slow (330 rpm) and No Spin options.
  • Automatic Lid lock
  • Soft close lid design
  • Delay start
  • Time remaining display
  • Capacitive touch control panel
  • Direct Drive motor – For a quieter and longer lasting washer
  • Flexible Agitator Design – gentler on your clothes without sacrificing performance.
  • EcoActive wash for superior wash performance while conserving energy.
  • Type – Top Loader
  • Model number – WA3927G1
  • Dimensions – 46 H x 27 W x 28 D inches / 117 H x 69 W x 71 D cm
  • Weight – 138 pounds / 62.5 kgs
  • Wash Capacity – 3.9 cu ft / 28 gal / 110 litres / ~ 21 pounds
  • Energy Consumption- 147 KW hours per year
  • Max Spin Speed – 1100 rpm
  • Colors Available – White
  • Warranty – 2 years comprehensive / 10 years on the Direct Drive Motor

Use only High Efficiency washing detergent.

  • High Efficiency washer using minimal energy and water saving you on ongoing running costs.
  • 1100 rpm spin speed leaving your cloths moisture free .
  • Direct Drive motor ensuring quiet operation.
  • Auto-lint disposal.
  • Amazing wash performance with Fisher & Paykel’s EcoWash Cycle.
  • 2 years comprehensive and 10 years motor warranty giving you peace of mind.
  • Fabric softener container sometimes mixes with detergent due to its design above the agitator.

10. Pyle Portable Washer – Countertop Washer

When space is extremely limited or you simply need a solution for when going to the laundromat is not an option, even if you just want to get a few items washed quickly the Pyle Countertop washer is an excellent choice.

With no special connections and installation required and only measuring 21.5 x 15 x 15 inches weighing only 12.8 pounds you can set it up on your countertop or any other area in your home and be ready to wash in no time.

Using the Pyle Portable washer couldn’t be easier. Simply load it up with your laundry. Pour water and detergent in and set the wash time up to 15 minutes, Simple and Easy.

The translucent tub allows you to observe what stage your washing is at and adjust the water level and detergent to get the best possible wash.  

Due the the compact countertop design there is no spin cycle to remove the moisture from your clothes once the wash cycle is complete.
Being small doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice wash quality. With a 180 watt motor and a 4.5lb capacity you can wash your essential items fast and have them coming out clean and fresh in not time.
If you are looking for a space saving compact washing machine to cut down on the times you spend at the crowded laundromat or for those times you need to get a few items washed in a hurry the Pyle Portable Washer is the washing machine for you.

As the smallest and most inexpensive washer on our list the  Pyle Countertop washing machine has the basic but most essential features without sacrificing wash performance.

  • Single rotary wash time dial – Adjustable from 0 – 15 minutes.
  • Gravity drain hose to empty the water from your washing machine when the cycle is finished.
  • Translucent Tub to view your laundry while the washing machine is working.
  • No special plumbing required – just fill the tub with water and detergent.
  • Water efficient compact design
  • Small and compact counter top design.
  • Type – Top Loader
  • Model number – M-PUCWM11_0
  • Dimensions – 21.5 H x 15 W x 15 D inches / 55 H x 38 W x 38 D cm
  • Weight – 12.8 pounds / 5.8 kgs
  • Capacity – 0.7 cu ft / 5 gal / 19 litres / 4.5 pounds
  • Energy Consumption – 58 KW hours per year
  • Max Spin Speed – N/A
  • Colors Available – White
  • Warranty – 1 year

As there is no water drain pump you must gravity drain the water from the tub. As the washer is usually installed on the countertop when you’re done with your washing just place the hose into the sink to drain the water out.

  • The most compact space saving design.
  • The cheapest washing machine on our list.
  • Quiet, water efficient design
  • Great wash performance even on the most stubborn stains.
  • No Special installation required just remove from storage and it is ready to use.
  • Easy to use – Just fill with water and detergent and then just select the desired wash time.
  • Small capacity – Only ideal for small essential loads such as underwear, towels or t-shirts.
  • No spin cycle

Washing Machine Buyer’s Guide

If you are after a more comprehensive article or just want to know more about washing machines before purchasing go over and check out our article on Everything You Need To Know About Washing Machines

Before you even start looking a different models of washing machines there are a few things you need to ask yourself. Below I will point out the most common things to take into consideration so you don’t waste your time and money purchasing a model that is not suited to your needs.

What’s important in a washer

We have rounded up the most important functions and features into a simple glossary table to help you narrow down and choose the right washer.

Some features, functions and considerations are weighed more heavily than others. Each consumer has different needs but everyone will have to decide on the some important features of their new washing machine.

Each manufacturer has different names for the same function or feature that other brands call another name. It doesn’t have to be so difficult and confusing. With the list below we will break down some of features and factors that are important when choosing a washing machine.

If you need a more in depth article to help you choose a washer please go view our … guide

Physical size
Wash Capacity

Washer Type
Spin Cycle

Energy Consumption

High Efficiency

Wash Cycles

Water Temp
Automatic Water Level

Control Panel

Direct Drive Motor

It’s a Wrap – Final Thoughts

We have come a long way from the days of beating your clothes in the river to wash them to now being able to automatically control your washer from your smart phone.

There are hundreds of different washers on the market with a seamlessly endless amount of different functions and features. It can seem like a maze out there trying to find the right washer for your needs.

We have rounded up the best washers in each category for you to help make your decision easy and painless. So go forth and purchase that new washer now that you know the best one that suits your needs.

Buyers Guide
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